What's New in netFORUM - Release Notes

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What's New in netFORUM - Release Notes
New Features in netFORUM 2014
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netFORUM Build 2014.1


2008.01 Header3.png Overview - Build 2014.1

The purpose of the netFORUM Release Notes page is to communicate what is new in netFORUM since the last release. Going forward, each new build will include release notes that will be posted on this page so keep your bookmark pointed here. Further, each new release will link to appropriate updates throughout the wiki with icons to direct your eye to what is new. For example, on each page where updates have been made for the 2014 build, the phrase Icon new.gif in netFORUM 2014 is used.

Links to previous build's release notes are provided in the Archives Section.

Finally, welcome to netFORUM 2014. The complete list of updated functionality and enhancements, with appropriate descriptions and links to updated wiki articles, is described below.

See Upgrade Process to learn about upgrading to netFORUM 2014.1.

NetFORUMLogo.png General Updates

GUI Updates

  • The Group Items on the left-navbar in netFORUM can now be hidden if desired.
  • The Message Center is available on all pages within netFORUM and provides users with a convenient way to communicate with other netFORUM users as well as get information regarding their netFORUM objects.
  • You may now use keywords when using netFORUM's Find feature.
  • Keyword categories can be used to organize keywords into broader categories.

Profile Updates

Save for Later Updates

  • Save for Later functionality has been added to allow users to save their work on certain objects in situations where they cannot complete the object in one session.
  • Objects that have been "saved for later" will appear on the child forms found under the Pending Work tab on the User Home Profile Page.

Wizard Updates

  • A Save for Later button can now be added to all wizards in netFORUM.
  • Access keys can be set-up for actions performed in all wizards in netFORUM.

Accounting.gif Accounting Module / COE Updates

Batch Updates

Centralized Order Entry Updates

  • Enabling the UseSubscriberForSubscriptionPricing system option will enable the Agency Subscriptions product type. The default setting for this system option is disabled.

Credit Updates

Fiscal Year Updates

  • The field labels on the Add - Fiscal Year form have been improved to be more intuitive.

Installment Payment Updates

  • Credit cards will not be charged until the first installment is due.

Order Updates

Refund Updates

  • The availability of the auto refund check box can now be controlled by a security group in the Admin module.

Revenue Processing

  • For the purposes of revenue recognition, the start date for memberships and prorated subscriptions occurs on the first day of the subscription term, not the date of the invoice.

General admin icon.png Admin Module Updates

Security Updates

Data Import Updates

  • A new step has been added to the data import feature that allows for files to be uploaded but not committed to the database. Prior to committing records to the database you can preview the import and make any changes to the records that are needed before committing those records to the database.

System Option Updates

A score menu header.png A-Score Updates

CertificationIcon.png Certification Module Updates

CEU Type Updates

  • CEU Sub-Types may now be added to CEU Types created during Certification Setup.

CertificationIcon.png CEU Module Updates

Credit Updates

  • Attempting to add a self reported credit for sessions with overlapping times will invalidate the credit.
  • Attempting to claim the same credit more than once will invalidate the credit.
  • When adding a self-reported credit, the number of credits will auto-populate based on the activity chosen. Users will receive an error if they try to modify this number.

Accreditation survey icon.png COI Module Updates

  • The COI module has been added to netFORUM Enterprise to assist you in managing your questionnaires and Conflict of Interest concerns.

Crm.gif CRM Module Updates

Requests Update

Individual Profile Updates

Individual Login Updates


  • Households have been added to the CRM to allow you to group individuals together into one unit for mailing efficiency purposes.

CMS.gif CMS Module Updates

Web Page Updates

EventsIcon.gif Event Updates

Event Profile Updates

  • The cancellation template now appears on the Event Profile. Clicking the name of the cancellation template will take you to the messaging template that has been specified.

Registrant Updates

  • The Find - Event Registrant form now contains the Guest Of field.

CMS.gif eWeb Updates

Online Store

  • The Shop For functionality of the Online Store has been updated to include the My Open Invoices store category.
  • Users now have the option to share products on Google+.

My Profile

  • The My Chapters page in eWeb displays a logged-in user's Chapters.

Fundraising.gif Fundraising Module Updates

Constituent Updates

  • The do not solicit check box is now available when editing a Constituent Profile. Clicking this check box will flag this constituent as one to not solicit for gifts, donations, etc.

Pledge and Gift Updates

  • The Gift Profile for stock gifts will display the Edit Stock Info button. This button will open a pop-up window that will allow you to edit information specific to a stock gift type. . This button will open a pop-up window that will allow you to edit information specific to a stock gift type.
  • Stock gifts can now include the stock high price and the stock low price.
  • New fields are available when creating a Match Program that allow you to specify the matching gift multiplier, the minimum qualifying gift amount, and the maximum gift match amount.
  • When adding a Pledge, if you enter a first payment date in the future, and the payment method is an electronic payment method (credit card or ACH), then netFORUM will not charge the card or account until the first payment date.
  • Pledges and recurring gift amounts can now be upgraded or downgraded.

Recognition Level Updates

InventoryIcon.gif Inventory Module Updates

Discount Program Updates

Price Updates

  • The default recognize revenue date can now be set at the price level.
  • Once a Price has been used on invoices, it will no longer be allowed to change the deferral flag of that price. This will prevent deferral miscalculations with already-existing invoices that have been sold with that price.

User Interface Updates

  • Several improvements have been made to the Inventory Module user interface, including:
    • On the Package Profile, the type of package component is now listed in the package components child form.
    • The Find–Package form allows search by package name and code. The List–Package results page displays package code and dues package flag columns, allowing for more detailed search results.
    • The packages containing this product child form lists any packages that contain a product. It appears on product profile pages for merchandise, dues, publications, subscriptions, and miscellaneous products.
    • On the Price Profile, the option to navigate to the associated Product Profile is now available in the Action Items drop-down menu, by clicking Go to Product.

Emarketing group icon.gif Marketing Module Updates

Source Code Updates

  • When adding discount price attributes to a discount product, you can specify a source code in the Add–Price Attributes form. When a source code is associated with the discount price in this way, the discount will be applied whenever the source code is selected in the Centralized Order Entry form.

Correspondence Updates

  • An option is available on a Call to Action for users to opt out of communication logging.

Survey Updates

  • The multiple responses check-box has been added to allow individuals to take a survey multiple times.
  • The allow repeat response? check-box is now available during the question creation process. Enabling this option allows survey takers to enter multiple responses for a single survey question. Questions can now also be ordered into groups, using the groups drop-down field.

MembershipIcon.gif Membership Module Updates

Status Change Process

  • The clear and terminate member flag has been added to the Member Status Change Process. This flag both clears the member flag and sets the termination date.

Chapter Updates

Dues Updates

  • A new Collective Dues (also known as Union Dues) process is available that allows organizations to pay the membership dues of its members into other associations.

Moves management icon.png Moves Management

Moves Stages Updates

  • You may now select an Audience or use a Query when determining the objects that will be processed in a Moves Stage.

SalesIcon.gif Sales Module Updates

Opportunity Updates

SubscriptionsIcon.gif Subscription Module Updates

Subscription Purchase Updates

  • The reference number field has been added to allow you to track a subscription purchase. This number will remain attached to the subscription for its duration (including renewals.)

Subscription Fulfillment Updates

Toolkit.gif Toolkit Updates

  • Async save causes changes to a form or object to be saved asynchronously. These settings can be accessed via the Toolkit module.

Gears.jpg Integration Updates


Issues Addressed

  • The netFORUM eWeb sites are now div based and use bootstrap css.
  • Field names and descriptions on the Add - Fiscal Year pop-up have been improved for easier usability.
  • The amount of information stored in cookies has been reduced to increase performance.
  • Extender columns are now included when using the Copy Event Wizard.
  • Gifts displayed on the constituent summary are now ordered by gift date.
  • New processing methods will now correctly enforce the relationship limit for organizations.
  • Modified the way strings are converted to integers, decimals, etc. to improve performance.
  • Minimized the number of calculations needed to perform an accounting operation.
  • The batch close process has been updated to improve performance.
  • The default dynamic facade behavior has now been set DataClass.DoNotSave equals false.
  • Standardized the way values are transmitted from the browser to the facade object to improve data reliability.
  • Passwords for customers will be hashed using the PBKDF2 standard. Note that you do NOT need to worry about existing passwords that are hashed under the previous standard. When a user logs in to eWeb (or via xWeb methods), netFORUM will authenticate based on the legacy standard, and if the user’s password was correct, then netFORUM will hash the password entered with the new standard, and save the password under the new PBKDF2 standard. For that particular customer, all future authentications will be done with the new standard. The change will be transparent to end users. In this sense, the conversion is not instantaneous all at once for all customer accounts; this is not even possible because one cannot un-hash a hashed string in order to hash it to a different standard. Therefore the conversion to the new standard will happen one by one, over time, as users authenticate. Any new users or new passwords will be hashed with the new standard. The HashPassword system option is deprecated -- all passwords will be hashed automatically.
  • The email sent to the customer to reset their password no longer has the cst_key in the URL.
  • Sessions will be ordered by price when registering for an event.
  • The individual maiden name caption has been changed to former last name on the Individual Demographics form. This field is available regardless of gender.
  • When adding a committee participant, the order field is now auto populated.
  • The expandable hyperlink class has been updated in the CSS to the accordion header style.
  • Event registrations will now show as cancelled if the invoice is voided and no credit is created.
  • Made improvements to the gift import process by migrating the form extension InvoiceDetail creation code to the Gift fn_gift.cs Facade Class.
  • Simplified the ability to add favicons to eWeb pages by allowing images to be dropped into the root folder and URLs to be used to reference the image.
  • The SQL code behind the email integration tracking child form on the individual profile, has been modified in order to display more meaningful messages.
  • When viewing a batch report, the project code now appears before and after the batch is closed. If the project code is updated before the batch is closed, that change appears in the pre-process batch report.
  • When using the Subscription Mass Renewal process, all discounts, taxes, and shipping charges will be included and calculated.

Technical Notes

XWeb Updates

  • Three new XWeb methods have been added.
  • Seven new CRM RESTful Web Resources have been added.
  • xWeb User passwords must be hashed; in prior releases a password could be clear text based on the setting of HashXWebUserPassword. This system option has been deprecated and beginning in 2014.1 all clear text xWeb user passwords must be re-saved so they will be hashed.

Developer updates

Release Note Archives

Each time a new build is released, the previous build's release notes will be moved to their own wiki page and linked to from this section.

Important Upgrade Tool & Copyright Info

Upgrade Tool Disclaimer
The purpose of the upgrade tool is to upgrade your installation of the netFORUM framework to the most current release. The upgrade tool allows you to add features from the new build to your existing system but also protects the changes that you made to tailor netFORUM to your specific needs. If you have customized and locked baseline forms, the new controls and functionality will not automatically appear on your locked forms after the upgrade. You will need to add the new controls to your forms manually by using netFORUM’s toolkit and/or contact Avectra’s Consulting Services Department for a price estimate for making these changes. You should always thoroughly check your test site after upgrading a netFORUM release before upgrading your live site.

Avectra Inc., 2014. All rights reserved. This document is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Avectra makes no warranties, express or implied in this document. The contents of this document are believed to be current and accurate as of its date of publication. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Avectra Inc.

netFORUM was developed by
Avectra Systems, Inc.
7901 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Telephone: 1-800-858-8272

Note: The images in the wiki are for illustration purposes only and may or may not reflect actual data.


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